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    Onshore Exploration

    Reduce Exploration Costs by 58% – Using Ultrasensitive Hydrocarbon Mapping to Derisk Exploration

    AGI’s unique Amplified Geochemical Imaging technology has been used in over 70 countries with climates ranging from frozen tundra to dry desert to tropical jungle. Reservoirs as deep as 7,000 meters have been imaged and proper petroleum phase type indicated.

    AGI can quote and arrange fieldwork for large frontier surveys covering 10,000 square kilometers or for smaller more focused prospect evaluations around 6 square kilometers.

    AGI’s Amplified Geochemical Imaging technology is the only service that gives you the features of:

    • Detection of thermogenic compounds directly emanating from your reservoir in parts-per-trillion levels
    • Differentiation of petroleum phases including gas, condensate and oil
    • Delineation of the charged petroleum reservoir

    AGI’s geologists will design a survey to meet your exploration objective, provide all the passive samplers to collect the reservoir signal, provide field installation and retrieval if desired, analyze modules, interpret the data to generate a reservoir image, and provide mass data, maps, and reports. The general approach is shown below.

    After or during initial interpretation, AGI geologists will work with you to refine and integrate the survey results with your geology, geophysics and knowledge of the exploration area. The highest value of the AGI Survey is achieved when using all data to finalize the survey interpretation and integrating it fully with all other geological and geophysical data.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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