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    Our Technology

    Our Technology

    In 2013, Amplified Geochemical Imaging LLC (AGI) acquired the GORE® Survey Products Group, maker of the GORE-Sorber. The AGI Sampler (formerly the GORE-Sorber) is a proprietary adsorbent that collects volatile and semi-volatile compounds present in air, soil gas, and water. The adsorbents are sealed inside a tube of microporous expanded polytetraflouoethlene (ePTFE), more commonly known as the membrane.

    W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc. supplies AGI specialized quality material used in the manufacturing of our AGI Passive Samplers. The unique membrane is water repellent but allows for the free diffusion of gases to penetrate the sampler and collect on the adsorbent material. This ability to protect sample integrity from contact with soil, water, and organic material makes it easy to use in virtually any site condition.

    AGI’s Passive Sampler detects more than 100 compounds, ranging from C2 to C20. It is easily deployed and retrieved with minimal disruption to client property. Samplers are analyzed using custom thermal desorption GC/MS instrumentation with measurement sensitivity in the parts-per-billion range. This capability represents three orders of magnitude greater sensitivity than best alternative methods. Our laboratory is DoD ELAP and ISO 17025 accredited, ensuring the highest quality control available in the industry.

    This technology, combined with our individually-designed passive gas surveys, provides cost-effective surveys for the oil & gas, environmental, and mining industries.

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