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    Downhole Geochemical Logging

    Amplified Geochemical Imaging LLC’s Downhole Geochemical Logging (DGL) provides an ultra-sensitive assessment of the hydrocarbons in a well.

    DGL analyzes downhole cutting samples to directly characterize the composition of hydro-carbons vertically and laterally through prospective sections and is 1,000 times more sensitive than traditional methods.

    This methodology has the unique ability to look at a broad compound range from C2 to C20, which is significantly more expansive than the limited mud logging range of C1-C5 or the C1-C9 of other techniques.

    The result is a detailed characterization of petroleum phase, the ability to infer seals and compartmentalization, infer multiple hydrocarbon sources and detect water saturation.

    DGL provides the most detailed and granular hydrocarbon data available on the market today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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